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Year 10s get business savvy

The winners of the QMC YES BP Business Challenge Year 10 students broke out their business wear at the end of November to design and market a product with the Young Enterprise Scheme’s BP Business Challenge.

The BP Business Challenge is a 3-day experiential learning programme used to develop student’s business skills and connect them to their community.

Students spent the first two days creating their business plan in groups. On the third day they presented to judges, who evaluated the product, designs, creativity and passion of the students.

This year the judges were Belinda Barber from Jennian Homes Wellington, Callum Davies from Hell Pizza, Sue Inkersell from 3rd Arm Admin, CK Rahi from Advance Diagnostics and Cath Randall from the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency.

Students created business plans centred on making life easier in the home from temperature coloured skillets to apps that could help someone get hold of an emergency service.

One of the groups was Munch, an app that aimed to explain what was really in food in common and casual terms and phrases.

The group had a business plan and prototype set up for the judges. They also considered audiences and the products strengths and weaknesses.

“One of our weaknesses is that the app does cost, which could be off-putting for people. But we believe the $6 you pay for it is worth it,” Sascha Thomson says.

“Our strength is that our app is more understandable than our competitors,” Sofia Ryan adds.

Michelle Bgoni, Bethany Kaye-Blake, Hannah Leitch, Mollie Nicol, Emma Olsen, Lauren Pemberton, Isobel Scherf, Sophie Thomas and Shunyi Yao won Best Team Work and Overall Winner on the day for their business plan KiwiKlean.

KiwiKlean developed a special reusable bio-degradable bag for carrying rubbish while tramping, so trampers would not have to use plastic bags for waste. The bag has a liner for the rubbish that absorbs the smell.

“The challenge allowed us to develop our idea into an actual business pitch which we were able to propose to the panel of judges from New Zealand’s corporate scene,” team CEO Isobel says.

“To be able to collaborate with a variety of hard-working people towards a common goal was extremely rewarding.  I certainly learnt more not only about business and the girls around me but also about myself. I’d like to congratulate the KiwiKlean team on their win and thank them for all the hard work that went into it.”