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USA trip broadens horizons

Year 12 and 13 History and Media Studies students travelled to the USA in the April School Holidays to discover more about the how media has affected history in the states.

A group photo of Year 12 and 13 students outside the White House in Washington DC.
Students outside the White House in Washington DC.

Media Studies teacher Annabel Harris, Head of Humanities Nadine Allen and the students explored Boston, New York City and Washington DC.

In Boston, students had tours of the JFK Library, Harvard University and Boston University. QMC was the first ever international group to visit the filmmaking workshop, Collaborative, and students were invited to submit short films to the Boston Kids’ Film Festival this November.

In New York City, students had the opportunity to visit the Rockefeller Center, the United Nations and took part in a Civil Rights Tour in Harlem. The tour guide grew up in New York in the 1950s and 1960s and had met Martin Luther King and shaken his hand.

Students also had the chance to create their own memories by exploring film post–production at the Museum of Moving Images in Queens.

Daisy Trang was one of the students who went on the trip. She says she wanted to take the trip to become closer with her classmates and to discover more about United States history. She was especially interested in how history has affected New York.

“The most interesting thing was definitely the history of the New York City slavery and Underground Railroad Walking tour. We heard about the amazing stories of how New Yorkers risked their lives to help slaves as they escape and how it molds New York today,” Daisy says.

“Everything we did and saw was incredible, but something that strongly stood out was the 9/11 memorial. It allowed me to acknowledge the world we live in and how fast everything
can happen.”