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A taste of QMC Life

Term 3 was busy with students from China, Japan and the USA coming to study at Queen Margaret College. Students from St Margaret’s School, Tokyo; Shanghai Southwest Weiyu School; St Margaret’s College, Tappahanoch, USA and Zuiryo High School, Tokushima, Japan took part in exchanges at QMC.

As well as getting to experience life in a New Zealand school, the girls got to discover Wellington, including seeing the city views at Mt Victoria and exploring Te Papa.

One of our visitors was Kokoro Hirata who studied in Year 9 and came from St Margaret’s School. She was a student at QMC from October 2016 until August this year.

Kokoro says her favourite thing about living in Wellington for the year was attending QMC.

“I like QMC the most because the students are very nice,” she says.

“I want to go to this school permanently. I wish QMC was in Tokyo.”

She says her favourite class was Drama.

“In Japan we don’t do drama classes. The plays here are of a very high quality, I can’t believe they are done by Year 9s,” Kokoro explains.

“Beauty and the Beast surprised me. Every year QMC does a whole school musical.”

Year 11 student from St Margaret’s School, Karin Uchiyama, arrived from Tokyo at the end of July and says she was most surprised by the technology at QMC.

“At my school in Tokyo we are not allowed to bring in smart phones or computers, but here the students can use them in class for school work,” Karin says.

Kaho Yagami, a Year 11 student from Zuiryo High School says she thinks Wellington is very beautiful.

The student stayed short term and says she enjoyed Physical Education the most during her visit.

“The students are very active,” Kaho says.