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St Margaret’s Exchange Programme

A group of ten students from St Margaret’s British School for Girls in Concon, Chile came to experience life at QMC for two weeks as part of our sister school St Margaret’s Exchange programme.

The girls arrived in September and were warmly greeted with lunch at the College by their host sisters and families, who would be billeting them during their stay.

Our guests were given a taste of life in a New Zealand classroom attending classes with their host sisters and even trying on the uniform during the traditional uniform swap.

Outside of the classroom, they took a ferry trip across the harbor, rode the cable car and visited the Chilean Embassy, Te Papa National Museum, the Carter Observatory and Parliament.

Earlier in the year we welcomed Emma Kelly from St Margaret’s in Berwick, Australia in June for a month as part of another St Margaret’s school-to-school exchange.

Emma took classes and lived with her host sister Millie Wilcox, who did the same in Australia earlier in the year.

We also had four students from St Margaret’s School in Tokyo, Japan come to study at the College this year.

Minami Kobashi, Rinako Kusuno, Mayuko Kurihara, and Hanae Sano stayed for three terms at Queen Margaret College from January till September.

The students got involved in a number of activities during their stay, including Football, Skiing and Drama Classes.

“EOTC Week and Market Day were highlights of the year,” Hanae says.

Minami, who is a dancer, particularly enjoyed being involved in the joint Scots College production, Your’re History.

Mayuko was was quite nervous to speak in English before she arrived but now she is much more confident.

“Speaking another language is a good skill to learn – it helps you understand more about different cultures,” Mayuko says.

“I’m going to miss everyone,” Rinako says.

“People have been so nice and friendly.”