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Specialist Class Programme enhances learning

QMC Specialist Class
Junior School students take part in their Music Specialist Class

Year 1–6 students at Queen Margaret College explore the world of art, music and language through the Specialist Class Programme available in the Junior School.

All Junior School students have a specialist lesson in Visual Arts, Music and Religious Studies once a week.

The specialised subjects foster independence, resilience and confidence in Junior School students, Head of Junior School Kathleen McDonnell says.

“Children naturally develop skills in collaboration, reasoning and understanding and transfer this to other areas of learning.”

From Year 2 students have a weekly French lesson.

“As an International Baccalaureate World School, we are committed to offering second language learning in order to promote international mindedness. Every learner benefits from having access to different languages, different cultures and perspectives,” Kathleen says.

Jane Coles has been the specialist Music Teacher at Queen Margaret College since 2014.

In Term 1 students in her class have learnt everything from creating music to go with picture books, creating and using Poi and working on song-writing and music notation.

“Students learn to play instruments. They learn how to keep a beat, create rhythms, sing musically, work cooperatively in groups and as a class, and work on Units that align with their current classwork,” Jane says.

“I love seeing the students engaged in topics that they are interested in and be challenged to think about Music and sound as much as possible.”

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