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Senior Creative Writing Competition Winner: Lucy Poole

This year we had two Senior Creative Writing Competition winners: Libby Witheford-Smith (Year 12) and Lucy Poole (Year 13).

Lucy’s piece “Ruminations on the Train” was described by judge Bryce Galloway, writer and Senior Lecturer at Massey School of Art, as being “a generous, elegiac and focused meditation on an elderly passenger”.

Read “Ruminations On the Train” below.

An old woman sits on the train
Moulded to her seat, gently palming the pages of her novel.
Her face quivers and shifts with the rises and falls of each chapter
Her lipstick bleeds into the creases of her mouth
As she adopts a quiet smile infused with the knowing wisdom of age.
Her breath, like her movements, is unhurried,
Lagging and considered,
Like a camera set to a slow shutter-speed
Time to her has lost the pace and urgency of youth.
The morning light captures her grey-blue eyes in its’ warmth,
Eyes soft at the edges, tucked and gathered above the hollows
of her cheeks
Yet they remain unwaveringly alert.
My mother says that wrinkles mark memories of time past
Memories of elation and regret and mourning and hurt fused with all
that comes between
Cross-hatched, etched and interconnected on the canvas of the face
Unrepeatable, like fingerprints.
The train lurches and hurtles on towards Wellington
Towards the demands of Monday morning
Our lives have intersected for a moment in the whirligig of time,
But now we part –
she at her stop
And I at mine.