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Q and A with Lynne and Tim

We sat down and had a chat with Lynne and Tim, our new co-chairs of the Board, about their new roles and their vision for Queen Margaret College.


Why did you decide to take on the role of Chair? What motivates you?

Lynne: I have a passion for education, especially education for girls and young women.  But it’s not just about education in the classroom, it’s about learning in general. The pandemic is indicative of what we can expect during the 21st century – lots of rapid change with many new challenges. I love it that QMC is focused on helping to prepare its students well for their lives ahead and I am happy I can contribute at a governance level to their dreams and aspirations.

Tim: QMC has a strong functioning board with a broad range of skills and experience represented around the board table.  QMC has performed very well over the last 3 years. However, the events of the last two months have shown us that we never know what is around the corner.  I am delighted to take on the co-chair role with Lynne with all the challenges that schools face in this rapidly evolving world.


What are you looking forward to in your new role?

Lynne: More interaction with the school community, getting to know the staff, the students and their parents better.

Tim: Assisting QMC to make the most of opportunities that will emerge over the coming years helping QMC to strengthen its position as a leading school for young woman in Wellington and on the global stage.


How did you get involved with Queen Margaret College?

Lynne: I am a direct Presbytery appointee to the Board of Governors. I am currently Parish Council Convenor at St Andrew’s on The Terrace which has long had a close connection with the school.

Tim: For the last seven years I have been a parent of two daughters who have attended Queen Margaret College.  I was an independent appointment to the Board over 3 years ago.


As we all begin to emerge from recent events, many organisations are asking “What do we hold on to and what do we change?” What do you think QMC should hold on to or change?

Lynne: The school community has really pulled together through the lockdown period. I’d like to see us build on that sense of the whole community acting together. The staff has a very real sense of achievement having delivered remote learning inside a week. The students understand now that there are different ways of learning.  We need to reflect on what just happened and how we managed it. The staff and the girls will know best what they need to change.

Tim: I have been impressed at the way the QMC community has responded to the challenges of the last few months.  Everyone – students, parents, and QMC staff – has had to adjust to the different requirements of remote learning.  Valuable lessons have been learned.  And for all us of there will be no return to life as we knew it prior to lockdown. The resilience shown by a wide cross-section of the school community will hold us all in good stead.


You are the first co-Chairs in the history of the QMC Board. What are the benefits and how do you see this working?

Lynne: Tim and I have worked together throughout our time on the Board and have complementary skills. It’s a pretty big job so we benefit from sharing the load. The benefit to the school is that together we bring a much range of experience and skills to the role.

Tim: 2020 will be remembered as a time for developing new ways of working and operating. Lynne and I have worked together on the Board for the last three years and we both see considerable advantages in a co-chair model.  One of those advantages will be the impact of leveraging a broader base of experience, skills and perspectives.