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Prehistoric in the Preschool

Preschool students followed their interests in the prehistoric era by investigating dinosaurs.

Preschool children hang pictures of dinosaurs on the wall.
Preschool children with pictures of dinosaurs.

Students discovered dinosaurs through arts and crafts, role playing, storytelling and experiments.

Children learnt about the different types of dinosaurs, where they lived and what they ate.

While not part of a specific inquiry programme, the topic relates to “Where we are in Place and Time” as it helps children identify what creatures came before them.

One of the highlights was children doing science experiments with “dinosaur eggs”. Children and teachers made dinosaur eggs out of baking soda and water. Small toy dinosaurs were then hidden in a ball of mixture and dried. In the following days, the eggs “hatched”, and children learned special ways to get the dinosaurs out.

Children have also created their own stories around dinosaurs and shared their knowledge with their classmates.

The investigation has led to a further inquiry into construction as children created their own dinosaur worlds leading to construction role plays.