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The Nude Food Challenge

The QMC Year 3 class are challenging themselves to reduce the amount of plastic they use in order to help prevent further damage to marine life and the ecosystem. They talk about their challenge here:

“In our Unit of Inquiry, Sharing the Planet, we’ve been learning about ecosystems and pollution and we’ve learnt that there is a lot of rubbish in the sea. A turtle might eat a plastic bag thinking it’s a jellyfish or there might be so much rubbish on the surface that fish can’t breathe.

“Nude food is food without a wrapper or plastic, for example; an orange, banana or an unwrapped sandwich.

“We are aiming to bring all our morning tea and lunch in reusable containers without any plastic wrapping. By doing this we are trying to reduce the rubbish that goes into the landfill and help prevent further damage to the ocean ecosystem. When the ecosystem is damaged, the food chain is ruined and in the end, it affects us. We still want to have fish in years to come.

“Even though we put our rubbish in the bin, sometimes it’s so light that it blows out of the bin and goes into the sewers or the drains and then it can end up in the ocean. Plastic breaks down into small pieces called micro-plastics but doesn’t actually disintegrate for many years. The small pieces are even more dangerous to fish because they look exactly like food.

“If you find rubbish on the road or beach please put it in the bin. We have been doing that and it makes a difference. We have become more aware of our surroundings.

“Year 3 think you should give Nude Food a try too.”