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New Chaplain announced

Queen Margaret College welcomed our new Chaplain Reverend Deborah Wilson at the beginning of Term 2.

An image of QMC Chaplain Deborah Wilson standing in front of a double door with stained glass windows.
New QMC Chaplain Deborah Wilson.

Deborah grew up in Lincoln, England, is married with two sons and moved to New Zealand five years ago..

She studied theology at the University of Manchester, becoming particularly interested in contemporary Christian responses to the problem of suffering and submitted her doctoral thesis on the work of the German theologian Jurgen Moltmann.

Deborah trained for teaching Religious Studies and led a number of Religious Education departments in schools in England. As part of this she specialised in advanced studies and preparation of students for University entry.

She believes an empathetic understanding of religion is essential for young people navigating their way in an increasingly diverse society. She enjoys engaging with philosophical and ethical questions from students about the purpose and meaning of life.

“Special character schools in New Zealand are uniquely placed to offer this extra dimension of spiritual and moral depth and to present Christian responses,” she says.

“The wealth of our faith tradition is a source to strengthen and guide our students should they choose to participate in that journey of personal discovery.”

Deborah was previously chaplain at Woodford House in Havelock North where she extended Religious Education into the senior levels of the school and introduced the Middle School Theology programme, developed by the Anglican and Presbyterian schools offices with Otago University’s theology department.

Deborah was ordained as an Anglican priest in 2007. She is excited to collaborate with the Presbyterian Church in her new role at QMC.

“Both traditions have so much to offer our girls in terms of faith development and social action” she says.

The Anglican and Presbyterian schools offices already work very closely together in joint projects and sharing resources.”

Deborah looks forward to working alongside Ken Edgecombe and Monika Demuth-Barber in developing the Religious Education programme throughout QMC.