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Middle School Creative Writing competition winner: Hannah McCadden

Year 10 student Hannah McCadden was the winner of the 2019 Middle School Creative Writing competition.

Her poem, “Planet Everything”, was described by judge Bryce Galloway, writer and Senior Lecturer at Massey School of Art, as having  “some very interesting and enigmatic vignettes in middle sections”.

Read Hannah McCadden’s “Planet Everything” below.

Enter a child’s mind
For a day
And find that
Every person,
Every being’s
Heart beats
Just like yours and mine.

See your joy in snowy dandelions
and wishing wells.
Let your biggest worries
Be scraped knees and sunburn.
Let your adrenaline buzz
Come from trust falls
And hide and seek.

Did you ever notice,
That the white ink puddles
floating above our heads
get lonely.

Damp cotton balls
Will unravel themselves
Until they could
Just about rip
Just to clutch hands,
Because the blue sky above
Is a deep, drowning hazard.

If you’re quiet enough
At nighttime
You can hear the moon
Singing lullabies
To bright eyed stars
Whilst a tired sun snoozes.

Build your pride
On the things you cannot tell
And the things that you can share.
Know that every scribble
Is a work of art
That every spoken line
Is poetry.