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Junior School creative writing competition winner: Arshiya Tuli

Year 5 student Arshiya Tuli was the winner of this year’s Junior School Creative Writing Competition.

Judge Bryce Galloway, writer and Senior Lecturer at Massey School of Art, said her piece, “Death trap” had “an old world sense of myth”.

“[“Death trap”] dynamically steps out of the third person descriptive narrative to address the reader directly in the third and 5th paragraphs and then back to the main story. Foregrounded the narrative twist a bit too much (also in title), but the shift from reward to death still provided good tension.”

Read Arshiya’s “Death trap” below.

There is a gift at top for anyone who be worthy of it. That was always how the tale was told. Many have tried to reach it, and many never found it, but be promised, it still lays, out in the darkness waiting for someone to find it once again.

Her bones ached, as they had for many days, as she pushed through the endless fog and mist. The canyon was unforgiving. One noise, and many rocks would be summoned to kill her. Ebony was her name. Her eyes told her there was water nearby, but she knew that there wasn’t. Her eyes had been harassing her for many days, but this would be the last day they did. A path awaited her. A real one. One that she was sure had something to make her life even better. She could have everything she wanted. The path was nearly completely over her. She took a step back. Taking a deep breath, she climbed the path and ascended into the sky.

Let’s take a break from Ebony’s story. Think to yourself, what would you expect was at the top of the tower. Money, maybe? But think more carefully. Is that really the only type of gift there is? Sometimes a gift can be your worst nightmare…

As she climbed, there was only one drive that kept her going. The chance for an even better life. Maybe she could become a princess. She had been told that she was spoiled, but she believed that she was simply demanding. She was nearing the top… she couldn’t wait to see what riches awaited her. She stepped the last step. “Where is my gift?” she screaming “where is my gift?”  Just then, a spirit appeared. “Why do you come here?” she demanded. Without giving any time to answer, she said “I have been watching you” “you are selfish and greedy” “your gift is the gift of death” in a flash of a second, Ebony disappeared, never to be seen again.

Of course, there have been many people who succeed in the task. But the thing is, never go after something you don’t need for selfish reasons. You never know how much it may cost you…