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It’s a Bug’s Life

In Term 1, the Pre-School has been exploring all things creepy and crawly as part of a unit of inquiry into bugs.

As part of our Primary Years Programme unit, Sharing the Planet, we have been investigating how people share the planet with other living things, in this case, insects and arachnids.

It has been an exciting inquiry for the children, who have enjoyed a range of bug related activities, from practical, hands-on investigations to reading and art projects.

Many questions have been investigated, including What is an insect? How do bees make honey? and What is the life cycle of a butterfly?

The children became so interested into their study of bugs that they were bringing in lots of wonderful specimens from home.

“We were able to borrow some microscopes from the College Science Department and have a really good look at them,” Head of Pre-School Emily Domican says.

Iyla Parkin and Addison Henry became very intrigued by white tailed spiders and daddy longlegs and decided to share their findings with the rest of the class.

They even made their own spiders out of recycled materials and encouraged other children to make their own bugs.

A highlight of the inquiry was the Pre-School’s visit to the Bug Lab exhibition at Te Papa Museum.

Head of Pre-School Emily Domican says the children had an amazing time exploring the interactive displays and applying knowledge that they have gained so far as part of the inquiry.

“It was such a fun outing for both children and adults alike,” Emily says.