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Former international student studying Veterinary Sciences

Sabrina Kao (Deputy Head Prefect) and Mio Shirataki at the Peace Flame Garden where they delivered a moving speech at the Hiroshima and Nagasaki 70th Anniversary Commemoration.

Former international student Mio Shirataki is studying Veterinary Sciences at one of the world’s top veterinary schools.

Mio was accepted into the School of Veterinary Medicine at the prestigious University of Glasgow this year.

She has always had a love of animals and knew she wanted to become a veterinarian even at secondary school.

Mio came to study at Queen Margaret College in 2013 from her home in Tokyo, Japan.

Adjusting to life in a new country can be daunting but Mio was warmly welcomed to New Zealand by her homestay family and became good friends with her host sister.

Her favourite subject was Science, which she studied as part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

As part of her Extended Essay assessment Mio chose to research and conduct experiments on the topic, “The effect of temperature on the Ivermectin molecule in a livestock drench”.

She was mentored by staff from Chemistry Department of Victoria University and did many hours of work in the laboratory.

“As with our other IB students, Mio’s independent research meant that she became a much more pro-active and capable science student,” Director of International Students, Laura Davison says.

“In addition to individual scientific work, she also had to prove that she could cooperatively work with students from other scientific disciplines in order to complete an additional science project.”

Outside of school Mio also followed her passion for animals, in particular horses, and did a lot of horse riding while living in Wellington.

One of the benefits of studying in New Zealand for Mio was the opportunity to perfect her everyday English but most importantly her academic English.

Preparing and writing scientific research papers and working with other scientists meant Mio was well-prepared for her scientific studies in a competitive English-speaking university.