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Celebrating Culture at Chinese New Year

Stephanie Shi and Ella Briggs perform at the Michael Fowler Centre.
The students after the parade.

Queen Margaret College students were part of the Wellington City Council and Asian Event Trust celebrations of Chinese New Year on Saturday 17 February.

Year 13 student, Stephanie Shi , and Year 10 Ella Briggs performed a duet of a classic Chinese song ‘Jasmine Flower’ at the Michael  Fowler Centre.

Following the performance the pair were joined by 12 Year 8 – 13 Chinese language students to participate in the Chinese New Year parade. The girls wore costumes of two ethnic groups, Miao Zu and Yi Zu provided by China Culture Centre New Zealand.

Chinese Teacher Lixin Wan says this was an exciting event for the students to be part of.

“It was an amazing chance for the girls to experience Chinese culture.”

It was Ella’s first time performing at a large event without a big group and she says it was amazing to perform at the well-known Wellington venue.

“It felt really exhilarating to perform in front of so many people and to represent the school in such an amazing celebration of culture,” she says.

Ella says she also enjoyed the opportunity as it was the first time she had taken part in Chinese New Year events.

“I had a lot of fun, because it wasn’t just about the singing, it was about taking part in a cultural celebration where there was also a parade, stalls and food.”

Ella has studied Chinese at QMC since Year 7 and says she enjoys learning all different aspects of the subject.

“I enjoy being able to speak the language and learning about the culture, as it is so different to my own,” she says.