Queen Margaret College recognises the value of physical and mental development of students by providing curriculum based learning experiences outside the classroom through the EOTC (Education Outside The Classroom) programme.

All students participate in EOTC, providing opportunities to build strength and resilience as an individual and work in a team to achieve goals. Students have the opportunity to experience EOTC in every year of their schooling. We offer a range of trips, workshops and clubs to encourage our students’ curiosity and deepen their thinking.

Junior School: Year 1–5 students participate in a range of activities outside the classroom every year. In alternate years, students go on a school camp, spending one night (Year 1–3) or two nights (Year 4 and 5) away. Year 6 students participate in a four-day camp at an outdoor education centre each year

Year 7: Wellington based activities including picnics in the park, a visit to Te Papa and swimming at the beach.

Year 8: An exploration of Wellington with physical and mental challenges including, Adrenalin Forest, Weta Workshop and gingerbread house decorating.

Year 9: A marae experience where students have the opportunity to stay at a marae and learn about Māori customs and culture.

Year 10: Wellington based activities including, indoor wall climbing, kayaking in the harbour, rolling blading, social cooking.

Year 11: The Abel Tasman track, an experience where students discover the meaning of resilience.

Year 12: The Wairarapa experience, a chance  for students to challenge themselves physically and mentally.

Year 13: The Leadership Conference Camp, an opportunity for Year 13 students to learn the skills they will put into practice as a role model throughout the year.