Our Community

Old Girls' Committee

President/Board Member: Lynne Speight (née Press)
Vice President: Shonagh MacLeod
Odette Frost-Kruse
Treasurer/Board Member:
Jane Ball (née McIntyre)

Committee Members:

Georgia Dry
Louise Kleingeld
Emma Lawler (née Olphert)
Catherine McIntyre
Helen Rollings
Kath Stone

To contact the Old Girls’ Association, email oldgirls@qmc.school.nz

Old Girls' Association Honours Board

Honouring Queen Margaret College Old Girls has been an important part of College history and a long standing tradition of the Queen Margaret College Old Girls’ Association. Our Honours Board seeks to reflect and acknowledge Old Girls who have promoted and advanced the Associations’ objectives consistently, often unseen.

In celebration of the 100th year of Queen Margaret College, the Queen Margaret College Old Girls’ Association invites nominations for 2019 Honours Board inductees. 2019 Honours Board inductees will be announced and celebrated during our Centenary Weekend, 6–9 June 2019. Please click here for more information and for the nomination form.

Old Girls' Association

The Old Girls’ Association was established in 1922. The first President was Miss Haydon, the Headmistress, with two teachers appointed as vice-presidents and a committee of eight Old Girls.

The first reunion was held in October 1922 and from this grew the tradition of the annual Old Girls’ Weekend, now held in June.

The aims of the Association outlined in its Rules are:

  • To enable members to take an interest in and give personal assistance wherever possible to the furtherance of all College activities.
  • To maintain and strengthen ties of friendship between former pupils and to provide opportunities for social intercourse of members.
  • To generally further the interests and foster the welfare of the College and present and former pupils.

Key initiatives arranged by the QMCOGA include the Year 13 Mentors’ Breakfast, Spirit of Adventure scholarship, supporting daughters of Old Girls, sponsorship of prizes for Middle School students, Old Girls’ functions and the Year 13 Leavers dinner.

Queen Margaret College Foundation Trust 2005

In order to ensure that our young women have access to a world-class education the Foundation was established to raise funds for the ongoing development of College facilities and resources. The Foundation also seeks to promote, preserve and enrich the special character that is Queen Margaret College.

The facilities the school enjoys today have grown from the generosity and support of parents and friends of earlier years. We encourage our present parents, friends and community to actively participate by providing donations, bequests and gifts and supporting our annual fundraising appeal to build towards our future.

Queen Margaret College and the Foundation are both registered charities. Donations are tax deductible within the terms of current NZ taxation legislation. If you would like to contribute please contact us at qmc.foundation@gmail.com

Trust Board Members

The Trustees of the Foundations are:

Our Patrons: Carolyn Henwood and Charlotte Fisher

The Trust Board members are:

Leila Dunphy: Chair

Ann Mildenhall: Independent Trustee

Curtis Marsh: Independent Trustee

Karuna Muthu: Independent Trustee

Jayne-Ann Young: Principal of Queen Margaret College

John Young: Chair of Board Finance Committee

Peter Warwick-Mahoney: Independent Trustee

Naomi Li: Independent Trustee

The Foundation also has an Ambassador Committee of parents and friends who actively promote the College.

To contact the Foundation, email foundation@qmc.school.nz.

How can you support us?

Click here to find out how you can support the Queen Margaret College Foundation Trust.

Parents' Association Committee

President: Alana Bicknell 
Treasurer: Anil Srinivasa
Secretary: Jasmine Morris

Committee Members:

Vaseti Sopoaga
Sophie Hamilton
Leila Dunphy
Elaine Olphert
Treena Martin
Leigh Adgo
Sarah Taylor
Stephanie Wilson
Alison Turner
Dan Pavihi
Sharlene Brabant
Lizze Hutchings
Rebecca Mannion
Jane Roberts
Nicky Jackson
Lynda Lester
Sarah Ashill

A parent or guardian of a student at QMC is automatically part of the Parents’ Association.

To contact the Parents’ Association, email qmcpapresident@qmc.school.nz

Parents' Association

The Queen Margaret College Parents’ Association (QMCPA) promotes the interests of the school, plays a key role in organising and supporting social events for parents and students, and also ensures we have lots of fun fundraising for specific projects.

Main tasks:

  • We provide funds for the Head and Deputy Prefects to attend a leadership conference in Australia before taking on their new roles.
  • We host the Year 13 BBQ at the start of each school year and also help organise the Year 13 Leavers’ Dinner at the end of the year.
  • Host new parent afternoon teas.