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2020 Prefects and House Leaders

Congratulations to our Prefects and House Leaders for 2020.

Head Prefect: Ella Wilson
Deputy Head Prefect: 
Isabella Barber

Berwick House Prefects: Rosa Findlay and Lauren Pemberton
Braemar House Prefects: Cassidy Hughes and Lucy Jeffries
Glamis House Prefects: Jacqui Ormsby and Eve Porteous
Lochleven House Prefects: Tallulah Nemet-Sargent and Rebecca Stevens
Stirling House Prefects: Daisy Trang and Melanie Ngan Kee
Middle School Prefect Prefect: Isobel Scherf
Drama Prefect: Ava Flaws
Cultural Prefect: Ajah Pritchard-Lolo
Hobson Prefect: Anna Jiang
Junior School Prefect: Amelia Ware
Music Prefect: Bethany Kaye-Blake
Service Prefect: Isabella Eftimov
Sports Prefect: Mollie Nicol

Year 10 House Leaders

Berwick: Tia Pavihi
Braemar: Claire Ryan
Glamis: Amalia Scherf
Lochleven: Molly Ellis
Stirling: Madeleine Kay

Year 8 House Leaders

Berwick: Sienna Aberdeen
Braemar: Laura Withell
Glamis: Amelia George
Lochleven: Sum Sum Tsui
Stirling: Greer Wilson

Year 6 House Leaders

Berwick: Caitlin Sweeney
Braemar: Rosie Jones-Rawstorne
Glamis: Nuala Pearson
Lochleven: Charlotte McGiven
Stirling: Natalie Chin