Here are some comments from the girls:

Hannah Liddell,

"Undertaking the IB was a decision well made. Not only did we learn the course content and proficient time management, but we also learnt commitment. We learnt how to stick with something that was more often than not highly challenging and demanding for two full years, something that required constant, unwavering effort. The course taught us all to keep going to the very end, and when that end came it was not only the knowledge that we had proven ourselves on an international level that made it all seem more than worth it, but the knowledge that we had put in the hard yards and, together, had made it through to the finish, and made it through well."

Jessie Lamerton,

"My favourite thing about the IB Diploma was probably how it challenges you in so many different ways, particularly with all of the different internals. I think that the marking scheme was very fair and easy to understand and I especially loved the Spanish ab initio course because it allowed me to learn a significant amount of Spanish within two years."

Naomi Lee,

"The IB Diploma has given me opportunities to take up subjects I love (Bio, Chem, Physic, Math), subjects I learnt to love (Spanish and English) and things I wouldn't have done and enjoyed doing (Extended Essay, which lead me to winning the Institute of Chemistry Prize at the NIWA Science Competition)."

I am down in University of Otago studying First Year Health Science, the course has been revision of year 11, 12 and 13 material (for CELS, CHEM and PHSI 191). For chemistry and Physics, and Cels (Biology), I have found that the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma course has covered more than I realised because quite a large number of students who had taken NCEA had not covered some of the material we have done in lectures. In other words, I have had a nice progression into uni-work and its workload, thanks to IB."

Anna Smout,

"I was accepted into the University of Technology, Sydney, I'm studying Fashion and Textiles and really loving the course. IB gave me the best time management skills/work ethic. I am so on top of things compared to others, they leave everything to the last minute!

QMC has definitely set me up very well, the work transition is challenging but not unmanageable. I can't wait to get further into my course - the lectures are so interesting and I can't wait until I'm making a collection in my fourth year."

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