The Pre-School educates girls and boys aged 3 and 4 years old.

Queen Margaret College Pre-School Operating Hours

School Day: 7.30am - 2.45pm (7 hours per day)

Extended Hours: 7.30am - 5.30pm (10 hours per day)

Our small and friendly Pre-School places importance on maintaining a close relationship between the child, teacher and the family. As well as working closely with our five well-qualified early childhood teachers, QMC Pre-School students have the advantage of using the wider school facilities and accessing specialist staff.

The programme is shaped by the belief that young children are capable learners, well positioned to acquire early literacy and numeracy skills and concepts in a stimulating environment. Here you can expect the very best start to education for your child in a well-structured and nurturing setting.

Importantly, the transition to the Junior School from Pre-School is smooth as the familiarity of the Junior School located nearby creates a sense of confidence.

Our Pre-School Offers:

  • A brand-new, purpose built centre
  • Fully qualified and registered staff
  • Inner city location
  • 20 hours free ECE Ministry of Education subsidy scheme
  • Extended hours
  • Emphasis on early literacy and numeracy learning
  • Weekly sessions in the College gymnasium
  • Regular visits to the school Library
  • Use of ICT tools in our programme
  • Transition to Junior School programme


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Emily Domican - Head of Pre-School

 Emily Domican has a Bachelor of Education from Victoria University and has more than 10 years teaching and management experience in the early childhood sector.