How you can support

Queen Margaret College is a private independent School that is passionate about providing the highest quality education for young women and we need your support.

We use annual school fees to pay for day-to-day operating costs, teaching staff, administration, in-house programs and ongoing expenses. The college is rapidly expanding and we require ongoing funds to keep our facilities and programs at the cutting edge.

This means we rely on our parents, wider friends and the QMC community to help with donations for undertaking large scale building projects, upgrading facilities, adding new programs and providing scholarships.

The Queen Margaret College that stands today, has had generous benefactors that have helped grow the school.

You can be a part of the Queen Margaret College legacy and together we can build its future.

Building Fund

Support our building fund as we build towards the future. The Hobson House development was completed in 2013 and the girls now enjoy a world class gym with classrooms and a Year 13 common room. We recently helped fund the brand new Science Labs. We would love your help with further development as we develop further facilities for our girls.

Scholarship Fund

Give another child the chance of a world class education. Queen Margaret College provides scholarships to girls that excel but would not otherwise be able to attend our school. These scholarships create opportunity and change the lives of those that receive them. If you would like to change a life – please contact us about funding a scholarship.


Queen Margaret College loves our Old Girls and parents of Old Girls. This is the opportunity to help your old school protect and carry forward its future.  If you would like to leave a legacy bequest through your will and remember the college please contact us.

Listed Shares Donation

We are setting up a listed share and bond donation register. You may have some listed shares or bonds that you would like to donate to the college? Perhaps odd lots that are surplus, or shares in a company you think will grow and will help secure the future of the college that you would be happy to part with? We have a simple process to allow you to transfer these without any fuss or fees. Donated shares will be held on account for the school by the Trust and we will try to grow a managed investment portfolio. This will provide a reserve which can be used for building projects, school development programs and scholarship funds in the future. Please contact us if you would like to discuss donating shares.

Special Project Donations

We are always finding new and exciting ways to educate our girls. We have small projects that need funding and we rely on the generosity of our benefactors for these. If you would like to talk to someone about what is currently happening and what you could help with then contact us below.

Annual Giving

Many of our parents and Old Girls participate in the annual giving program. We ask for your support through our annual giving so we can maintain at the forefront of education. This enables our girls to go forward into the world with skills and attributes that lead to a successful and happy life. Your gift means so much and benefits each and every girl.


All donations are tax deductible.

We thank the families who choose to make an annual contribution to the School. The Foundation works with the Parents Association and the Old Girls to provide support for the school.