The Tahiti trip is offered to students in Year 9 and 10. This is a French language trip, where around ten girls go to a language school in Papeete for ten days. In the morning the girls attend classes to improve their French. In the afternoon the girls are able to go sightseeing, shopping and experience the culture of the Tahitians. The students are hosted by host families, who live a culturally different lifestyle to what the students are use to.

Student comment:

"Each day, we all went to Horizons Francophones, the Tahitian French language school for a three hour French lesson. Our teacher Helene was an amazing help to us, as she really helped us extend our French vocabulary and learn so much about Tahitian culture. Every day we would have a fifteen minute break (‘le pause') during which we would all go over to the markets for some food and to buy souvenirs for people at home. Because the markets were at the centre of Papeete, it was absolutely packed with locals, many of which barely spoke any English, meaning we had to use as much French as we knew - along with lots of hand gestures! We spent days with our families, and did a range of different activities with them, including trips out on boats and visiting the town. We engaged in a wide range of interesting and unique experiences which we will never forget, including swimming and feeding sting rays and sharks, rowing a traditional Pirogue rowboat, visiting and learning about the process of harvesting rare black pearls at the museum, a trip to McDonalds and of course shoppingThe highlight of the trip for me and several other girls would definitely be the shark and stingray feeding. Some girls were reluctant at first to get in the water, but once they did they really loved it."

- Hannah Withers, Year 9