St Margaret's School, Tokyo is part of the Margaret network throughout the globe. This exchange is offered to eight to nine students in Years 11, 12 and 13 who take Japanese as a subject. The duration of this exchange is two weeks over the term one school holidays. The students take part in a number of classroom activities including helping to teach English, while in return improving their Japanese speaking skills. This biannual trip means that Queen Margaret College hosts students from St Margaret's School, Tokyo during the course of the year.

Student comment:

"The students have a normal school life experience. They join in everyday subjects such as Maths, Science, Home Economics as well as making sushi and calligraphy class. The students have lunch together where they share their experiences so far in the day. They participate in club activities that take their interest such as Basketball, or they partake in special Japanese activities such as Green Tea ceremonies. I think the girls have enjoyed the home stay experience the most because they live with a Japanese family and can see everything that goes on in the household such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are able to hear conversations between the family members which is a real experience of the culture and language. School is more educational but in the home stay it is a more genuine experience. Home stay mother treat the girls like their own daughters so a good relationship is built up between them. The girls always enjoy shopping, and sightseeing in Tokyo is a favourite. My favourite part of the trip is going with the students sightseeing, shopping, spending time with them and  getting to know the students individually and what they are like outside the classroom. Instantly their Japanese is improved as they try to use it lots."

- Huke Sensei, Japanese teacher