International Students


Queen Margaret College hosts a number of international students who study throughout the year. We have students from the United Kingdom, China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Columbia and Thailand, ranging from Year 6 to 13. Many of these students are hosted by students at Queen Margaret College, whose families open their homes and bring in a new sister. The students are able to improve their english skills while being exposed to the Kiwi lifestyle, and experience life at Queen Margaret College. Students participate in house events, sporting and cultural activities and any other events that may occur during their study here at Queen Margaret College.

"My name is Bonnie Zheng and I am Chinese. I'm studying in Year 13 at QMC, and I have been at QMC for nearly 3 years. Luckily, I am in Braemar! When I was Year 11, I came to QMC and I decided to stay in here for my 3 years in high school. At QMC, I have been involved in Badminton in Year 12 and also I joined the "Speech and Drama" class. The highlights of attending QMC is getting the chance to get to know more about different people and to be friends with them. It also gives me a chance to tell my friends about my own country and culture. I think it is one of the good ways for me to learn how to communicate with the people who I don't know before. It is also a good chance for me to get ready for my future in social life."

"My name is Da Hee Lim, a Year 12 student originally from South Korea. I have been attending Queen Margaret College (QMC) for over a year and plan to graduate there. At QMC I have improved in speaking, writing, listening and reading English. It used to be a big problem for me to communicate with people, as I lived in Auckland for 3 years, and I couldn't speak English fluently. When I first came to QMC, I found it very hard to understand the lessons. Now, it has got so much easier and I have got confidence in English. I'm so happy with myself in QMC. My favourite subject is art and I'm planning to go to an art university after my graduation. I don't play sports but QMC has a great enthusiasm towards the sports. I was in the social badminton team last year."