App Basics

What you need to know:

Push Notifications

When you download the QMC App it will ask you if you want push notifications. It is recommended you hit yes, this will be used for school wide cancellations and emergencies.


Go to settings first, where you can select subscriptions to particular areas of the College. (You can subscribe to all areas of the College) In settings you can also change the text size and give feedback.



You can either see events during the current week or the next 30 up-coming events at the College.

At the top right of the events page is a little calendar box. If you press this box, it will ask if you would like to: subscribe to the calendar ‘QMC’.

If you select subscribe it will enter all events for the particular school (Pre, Junior, Middle or Senior) which you have subscribed to in your settings. This will include all future events not yet visible on the App.



Daily notices will be added here as well as other notes that maybe of concern to you. Included in here is Term Dates (2013 and 2014) and School Policy.


The fortnightly News@QMC will be uploaded here

Other links on the App

- Sports Wiki

- Performing Arts Wiki

- Library

- Website

- My QMC

- Facebook

- Twitter

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