Award winning essay writer

Year 8 student Hayley Marsh has won a certificate for her essay exploring the topic of difference in society.

For the second year in a row the young writer was awarded a Bronze Award Certificate in the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition.

Open to all Commonwealth citizens aged under 18, the essay competition offers young people the opportunity to initiate discussion on important global issues.

Hayley had a few subjects to choose from but she chose to write about the topic, Are we really so different.

“This subject appealed to me the most because it is very relevant to what is happening today,” Hayley explains.

“I wrote about the differences and similarities between people around the world.”

 Hayley's poetic essay compares the rich and poor to dancers in a ballet and highlighted that regardless of wealth, the needs and wants of people are the same.

 “The earth is spinning like a ballerina. There is one ballerina on centre stage, everyone is looking at her. There are many other ballerinas in the corners, barely being seen.”

 “The ballerinas on the stage are from different countries, speak different languages and have different skin colour. Some are from China and other parts of Asia. Others are from halfway across the world in New Zealand.”

 She discusses many of the concepts that divide society including race, culture, gender, wealth and religion.

 “But what is the meaning of these words spoken like fire? Why does it all matter?” Hayley says.

 “We all have the same wishes for the planet, people around us and ourselves. We share this planet. This is why we are the same and not so different after all.”

 Hayley enjoys writing in her spare time and hopes to continue in the future.

 “I love writing because it can make a person cry in one sentence and make a person laugh in another sentence.”