Derived grade process for NCEA exams

NZQA advised late on Wednesday (16th Nov) that schools can make an application for an emergency bulk derived grade on behalf of students.  This process is used where a number of students have had their performance disrupted by recent events.  At this stage we will be making submissions to cover all NCEA exams held on Monday 14 November and Tuesday 15 November but other dates could be added if there is significant disruption in future sessions.   In the case of students who still sat the examination, the grade that is finally reported for the student will be the “best” grade either recommended by the school or the evidence provided through the examination.

The individual derived grade process is explained on the NZQA website This form is used if you need to apply for a derived grade for any other examination during the assessment period.  If you believe that your circumstances meet the criteria outlined on the form, please complete and submit it, along with the appropriate evidence, to our Principal’s Nominee   You do not need to complete the form for examinations held on Monday 14 November or Tuesday 15 November as the emergency derived grade process above will cover these exam sessions. 

The results that the College sends to NZQA for all derived grade applications must be based on evidence produced in class tests or school examinations during the year.  If the candidate sits the examination and the derived grade application is approved, the better result will be awarded.