Encouraging Independent Learners Seminar

22 August 2013

Encouraging Independent Learners Seminar: Year 9 - 13 and Parents

Date: Thursday 22 August
Time: 7.00 - 9.00pm
Location: Hall

We are running a study skills seminar called 'Encouraging Independent Learners' with Stuart Wright. It will be held in the Hall and will be open to Year 9 - 13 students and their families. It will be free of charge

Topics I would look at include:

  • The importance of overviews
  • The power of the human brain
  • Brain switch ons
  • The differences between skill-based and knowledge-based learning
  • How to SCAR thoughts onto the brain
  • The importance of regular review and individual planners
  • The concept of think maps
  • Studying the different subjects