Student Information Form

  • 1. Student Details

    Fill in student details.
  • 2. Parent/Caregiver contact details

    Contact details are required for every person who is directly responsible for the child. Please refer to each person as the same caregiver in the same order throughout the document.
  • 3. Civil Defence

    All Parents/Caregivers directly responsible for the child will be registered and contacted through SMS message in a civil defence emergency.
  • 4. Civil Defence Collection Information

    As well as Parents/Caregivers, the College requires you to name at least 3 adults over the age of 18 whom you have pre-approved to collect your daughter from Queen Margaret College should evacuation be required. This could be a relative, work colleague, neighbour etc. One of the people named must live or work in a 2-3km radius of Queen Margaret College. It is your responsibility to contact the named person on your list to collect your child. Your child will be released to their care after they have signed out.
  • Please note, we do not need their contact details as it is your responsibility to contact them in a civil defence emergency.

  • 5. Emergency Contact

    This person is the contact if QMC cannot get reach the student's Parents/Caregivers for illness or similar.
  • 6. Medical Details

  • 7. Medical Permissions

  • I agree to inform the school as soon as possible of any changes in the health of my child so that the College records can be updated. I also agree to my child receiving any emergency treatment in the event of an accident should I be unable to be contacted and I agree to pay any medical costs not covered by ACC or a community service card, including any ambulance.

  • 8. QMC Family Directory

    The QMC Telephone Directory is available to all parents and staff and assists in building relationships within the school community. Please select the boxes that you give your consent to be published and available.
  • Include this information where indicated on the form.

  • 9. Photo Permission

  • This section is referring to using photos in Te Karere, QMCalling, Social Media, Newsletter, QMC website, marketing material and advertisements. - Allow to publish gives permission for all of the communications listed. - 'Do not publish at all' does not give any permission for internal and external publications and marketing. - 'Do not publish externally' gives permission to publish in publications managed by QMC but nothing externally. QMC will not provide photos or articles of students to outside media without parental consent. QMC is not liable for any photos taken or written by outside media

  • 10. Travel Consent

  • 11. Snapper Card

  • I consent to my child receiving a snapper enabled ID card and agree to have her tuition account debited with the cost of $20. I understand that the ‘top-up’ of the snapper card is the parent/caregivers responsibility and that top-ups at the College will only be available by eftpos or cash:
  • 12. Form completed by