Transition to Junior School

Queen Margaret Preschool works with our families to build the foundations of learning prior to starting school, to help make the right decision for your child’s next steps and to facilitate the transition process to primary school.

Girls entering the Queen Margaret College Junior School will participate in weekly school visits in the new entrants classroom. The visits provide a smooth transition from Preschool to Junior School ensuring that when your daughter starts, she already has an excellent relationship with her teacher and classmates.

For children not continuing on at Queen Margaret College, our Preschool staff will help faciliate school visits to their new school and provide any information required.

Information evenings about transitioning to primary school are available throughout the year at QMC for parents to attend.

“Our Preschool is committed to providing the highest quality education as your child prepares for the transition to primary school and they continue on their lifelong learning journey,” Emily Domican, Head of Preschool.