The programme is shaped by the belief that young children are capable learners and are well positioned to acquire early literacy and numeracy skills and concepts in a stimulating environment. Here you can expect the very best start to education for your child in a well-structured and nurturing setting.

Implementation of our daily programme is semi-structured and provides opportunity for children to investigate, explore and extend their strengths and interests.

The daily timetable allows for play-based inquiry and teacher facilitated group times. Group learning supports the development of skills and dispositions for a successful transition into primary school. We also have regular art, gymnasium and library sessions with specialist staff at Queen Margaret College.

The ‘School Day’ is 7.30am – 2.45pm (7 hours per day).

The ‘Extended Day’ is 7.30am – 5.30pm (10 hours per day).

Sample Daily Timetable

7.30am - 8.45amWelcome and settle children/play based inquiry programme
8.45am - 9amWelcome mat time
9am - 9.30amMorning tea time
9.30am - 10amIf applicable - Library or gym
10.30am - 11.30amPlay based inquiry programme
11.30am - 12pmLunchtime
12pm - 1pmRest time/teacher facilitated group time
1pm - 2.30pmPlay based inquiry programme
2.30pm - 2.45pmAfternoon mat time/story time to farewell children finishing for the day
2.45pmEnd of 'School Day'
3pm - 3.20pmAfternoon tea time
3.20pm - 5.30pmPlay based inquiry programme
5.30pmEnd of 'Pre-School Day'

“Teachers know the children well. They work alongside them engaging in their play, sustaining conversations and extending their learning. Warm, purposeful, affirming interactions support social development. Positive guidance is evident and cooperation well modelled… A focus on literacy and numeracy is strongly evident,” ERO Report 2018.