Emergency Procedure

Queen Margaret College civil defence procedures and plans are summarised briefly below.

The attached flow chart outlines our Emergency processes.

The College has stored:

  • sufficient food and water to provide for students and staff for three days.
  • sufficient medical supplies, safety and hygiene equipment, and emergency blankets.

Safety and evacuation drills involving students are practised each term.

Staff have specific roles and will support students in a civil defence emergency situation.

The local civil defence centre is Thorndon School and the College will liaise closely with personnel there in the event of a civil defence emergency.

Should a civil defence emergency arise the process is as follows:

  • If safe the students will remain in their classroomsIf not safe, students will move to Assembly Area 1 which is the Hobson Gymnasium.
  • Should a decision be made that the school needs to assemble to await further instructions they will be moved to Assembly Area 1 which is the Hobson Gymnasium.
  • Students and staff will remain together in Hobson Gymnasium until directed otherwise by Civil Defence or Emergency Services staff.
  • Parents will be contacted using the Website, QMC App, Email, and SMS message as to the College status.
  • Should the school require evacuation please note the following:
    • Instructions for student pick up will be sent via website, QMC App, Email, and SMS message.
    • No student (including those over 18 years of age) will be permitted to leave the school until signed out by a parent or named emergency contact.
    • Parents will be directed to the Parent Collection Point which is the Old Hall. (This may change).
  • Parents must update cell phone and email contacts should they change. Please contact: data@qmc.school.nz